• Step 1 - Design My Yard

    EVERY package includes: Color Rendered Design Plan View, 3-D Walk-Through Movie, 3-D Images (3x for Half; 6x for Full), Design Notes, and the Concept Design Revision Round. Choose which Property Design Package is suited best for your property! You can see each package breakdown details on the "How We Work" page.
  • Step 2 - Add-on Services

    The "Specific Design Dimensions & Measurements" add-on option will provide you access to specific measurements of elements on your design. By adding on this information, you will know how wide a planting bed is or how long a pathway goes for your newly designed space!
    The "Specific Project Materials List" add-on allows you to have access to quantities of specific materials used in your design. For example, want to know how many yards of mulch you'll need for installation? How about square footage of weed fabric to put down under rock? We can even tell you how much gravel base you'll need to construct your new patio! We calculate your material numbers specific to how we design it for you.
    The "Specific Plant Labels & Visual Plant Catalog" add-on coordinates with your design by providing specific plant labels on your design and gives you a "Visual Plant Catalog" document that lists each plant name with a photo, average growth sizes, and overall description. Plants used in your design are specific to your hardiness zone and include quantities specific to your design so you know exactly what to pick up when you head to your local nursery.
  • Step 3 - Your Photos

    Please upload your photos of your current yard here.
  • Step 4 - Your Project Information

  • Fill out the following information to help make sure our design meets your needs
  • Step 5 - Checkout

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Here is a little sampling of everything you receive with your professional landscape design.

Your Landscape Design

Landscape Design


3D Movie

3D Images

3D Landscape Design

Materials List

Landscape Design Materials List

Plant Labeling

Landscape Design Plant Labeling