Our mission as your online landscape designer

Provide landscape design to everyone, everywhere.

At Greenprint Design, we come to work everyday because we want to bring high-quality landscape design to the masses.  

As your online landscape designer, our goal is to keep things convenient for YOU. We know how confusing it can be to work with unreliable designers and contractors in the beginning when you’re just searching for your design direction and concepts. At GreenPrint, that’s why we are here. We help you get started and find your design direction. We are here for the D.I.Y.er’s and the Weekend Warriors and for the many clients that work with us to get design direction and documents to then pass it off to an installer. Regardless of your installation preference, GreenPrint Design can help you make your outdoor space dreams a reality.

Our cutting-edge ability to provide you with a 3-D Walk Through Movie gives you the ability to experience a virtual tour of your new outdoor space. Forget having to deal with high-pressure follow-up sales or waiting for appointments, with GreenPrint you can have an online landscape designer craft high-caliber design documents in mere days. Each of our designers are educated and trained in the field of landscape design/landscape architecture. We make it easy – just send your site photos, a few specific measurements, and landscaping wants/needs to GreenPrint Design and you’re on your way to your professional design solution. Find out why GreenPrint is revolutionizing the landscape design industry.

Choose A Design Package

You simply choose your design package – Full Property Design, Partial Property Design, or Space Spruce-Up – each are explained below. You’ll have the option for additional add-ons to your design when you fill out the submission form.

Submit Property Info & Photos 

On our submission form, you’ll provide the property address and your contact details. This is also where you’ll submit current property photos and give us an idea of what kind of design you’re looking for – via text or feel free to send us some inspiration photos of your style!

That’s it! Relax

Your matched designer will contact you (via email) to chat about specifics and the timeline for receiving your Concept Design Document (first phase) and then your Final Design Documents (second phase) for your property. We usually send over your Concept Design Document over to you within 5 business days or less!

Choose Which Package is Right for You

Landscaping can seem overwhelming and daunting. Everything from finding the time to meet with a designer, to deciding the right plant types, to finding the time to narrow down all of the material options for a landscape installation. GreenPrint simplifies all of this. We are passionate design experts, here to help make the design process seamless and convenient for you. 

We are taking things to the next level – from providing 3-D Walk-Through Movies of your design to top notch customer service. We listen. The more you share, the more detailed we get. Don’t even know where to start?  That’s alright, too, we’ve got solutions for that.

We want to keep it simple, yet make sure you get what you need to adequately install your landscape or hand your design off to an installer. We have created three packages to help meet your design needs:

 Complete Property Design  

the “complete property” design package!

Front yard & backyard design for your property. Entire property size is limit 1 acre.  

 Partial Property Design 

the front yard or backyard only design! 

Front yard OR backyard design solution specific to your property.

Small Space Spruce-Up 

small space, big design ideas!

For the folks wanting to revitalize a small planting bed, spruce up a patio space or entry with pots, or those who have a smaller urban garden space (or terrace).

Each Design Package Includes ALL of this:

1. Color Rendered Design Plan View – the “plan view” is the design view as if you were looking from the sky. The plan view is color rendered and comes with concept labels of design elements. Ex: evergreen shrub, flowering tree, etc.
2. A 3-D Walk-Through Movie – take a virtual walk through tour of your newly designed landscape. The movie of your new outdoor space not only helps you visualize the design but also helps your contractor visualize how you want your space to look. This is a feature we are very proud to offer and all of our clients absolutely LOVE! 

3. Still 3-D Images (3 total for Half; 6 total for Full) – still view of important or impact views of your landscape. Ex: view from the street, view of planting bed from the grass, or the view from driveway as you pull in.
4. Design Notes – We provide labels of certain areas and then give a brief explanation in the notes. Ex: patio was placed here so you can take in the view of the lake or we made the path curve the way it does because of flow with the existing trees, etc.                                                                                                           
5. Revision Round – The first design document we deliver to you is your “Concept Design” which is the “loose placement” of design elements. Once you review this first document, you will discuss the details and changes you’d like to make with your designer. We work to implement your requested changes and produce your Final Design Documents.   


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