Online Landscape Design Services

Landscaping can seem overwhelming and daunting. Everything from finding the time to meet with a designer, to deciding the right plant types, to finding the time to narrow down all of the material options for a landscape installation. GreenPrint simplifies all of this. We are passionate design experts, here to help make the design process seamless and convenient for you.

We listen. We provide the form, you provide property information and preferences. We take it from there. The more you share, to more detailed we get. Don’t even know where to start?  That’s alright, too, we’ve got solutions for that.


Greenprint Design is simple and fun. There are no meeting times. We are keeping it clean and simple. You submit your information with photos and choose which design package best suites your needs. We are in contact with you as soon as you submit and have your order fully fulfilled within 5 business days. Our design documents can be used by a do-it-yourselfer or handed off to a professional installation company of your choice. We keep things clear and easy to read for you.


We bring landscape design to the virtual level. The convenience of the internet allows us to meet with you any time – you can submit your landscape consultation at 3am. Have trouble reading landscape designs? Need help visualizing how things are going to look as you walk up the front steps? We’ve got that covered – plan view images, 3D perspective images, and even a walk-through movie of your property allow you to see how your new landscape will look with a GreenPrint design.

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GreenPrint – Disclaimer and Amendments

Since GreenPrint Design does all of our site analysis through digital media and photos received from clients, it can be a bit hard to guarantee a fully successful initial site inventory and plan. GreenPrint Design is your guide. We cannot be responsible if things don’t fit perfectly or your soil condition can’t handle a patio. This is why we urge you to work with a local professional once you get your design from us in hand. You can check with your local nursery or hardscape supplier to make sure your plan will work, or simply hand off to a local landscape professional to install and discuss your design/possible changes before construction begins. Also with professional install, there is usually a warranty offered – check with your professional on this!   You have your design and plan in hand – you’re already halfway to your new landscape!