Spring Landscaping

Finally, a new growing season is here!

In most of North America and Europe, winter is coming to an end.  In the landscaping world, homeowners are starting to think about doing some clean up and getting their yard off to a good start for the growing season.    Gardening and landscaping are a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while boosting your curb appeal.   Once the threat of frost is gone, it is time to make a spring landscaping plan.

Five Tips for Spring Landscaping

  • Know Your Hardiness Zone
    • Depending on your hardiness zone.  Once you know what zone you live in, you can look at plant labels and talk to your local greenhouse about when you can start putting specific plants into the ground.  With a landscape plan from Greenprint Design, we offer the option of plant labeling so that you can install at the right stages. (it can also help with budget when you aren’t buying everything at one time).
  •  Get Inspired
    • Whether this is your first landscaping rodeo, or you’re a seasoned veteran, we all have an ideal aesthetic or two.  Get inspired by looking around your own neighborhood.   When you see a home that really looks great, usually there is a significant amount of landscaping planning that highlights the house’s best features.  Small landscaping details can be very subtle, and make a big difference.   Also, browse the internet and find a style that fits your taste and property.   English garden, Japanese, contemporary, native plants?  Whatever your preference, Greenprint Design can craft a landscaping plane that matches your need.
  • Plan for Maintenance
    1. Alright, so you have a style in mind, but are you prepared to keep up with it?  Each plant and aesthetic can have different needs.   If you are passionate about gardening and love getting outside and dirty, this may not be a big concern for you. However, Greenprint Design understands that busy people may like gardening, but don’t have the time to commit each weekend.   When you order a spring landscape plan from us, you can specify if you want low-maintenance planning, and we will suggest plants and design accordingly.
  • Plan for Growth
    • Each tree and plant that goes into a landscaping plan has needs, and one of them is always room.   It is tempting to get instant gratification by loading up a garden bed to achieve a full, lush look.   However, a few years down the road, plants may become overcrowded and die, or grow abnormally.   Greenprint Design has professional landscape designers that will help you take plant growth and spacing into account.
  • Get a Professional Landscape Plan
    • Greenprint Design offers affordable landscaping plans online.  We want you to have a beautiful yard without dropping thousands of dollars on a plan and installation.   By getting one of our plans, you can have peace of mind that you are selecting and installing the right plants and trees for your area and design preferences.   Greenprint Design is proud to work with you, and create custom plans.